Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So for those of you who don't know, I work in Guaymas, Sonora. Which means I speak a lot of Spanish at work.
Here's some photos of my office:

The desk is kind of a mess, but at least there's tools.

Here's all my stuff that I get to play with

That spray bottle has WD-40 in it, keeps my drill bits sharper longer. Black&Decker 14.4V drill with quick change chuck, (and a compass and a stock and a thing which tells time) was a b-day present from Vicki. My Fave. You can't see my all time favorite tool which is my Dremel. It's carefully stowed in my tool box where no un-sterilized hand may touch. I use that baby almost every day. It's about the most useful tool evar. Yes i said "EVAR!"

There's also a couple of cans of flat-black spray paint. Dad taught me that a little flat black can make a piece of crap look like solid gold (black gold, that is).

And it's TRUE!. Even my crappiest, blobbiest, ugliest, most un-even welding jobs are no match for a little buffer action and a heavy treatment of flat black. Thank you, Dad. Those are the kind of lessons that every son should be so lucky to receive.

You may notice a lot of my projects use liberal amounts of flat black.... There's a reason for that.


Anonymous said...

i dont understand everything on here but some of this stuff is pretty interesting Aaron! love you.

Aaron Tunell said...

Thanks, loren
Yeah, i guess some of it is kind of technical, that's why I made it a separate blog.