Friday, March 28, 2008

Harness Machine Update

While we were working on the harness machine we found that the darn machine was acting up on the lengths. Obviously we have to have consistent lengths on a machine that cuts wire. otherwise it won't fit in the car. I'd been pulling my hair out trying to figure out where the problem was, and eventually I found it!
Yesterday we got the length variance down to about +- 5mm on the new harness machine. This is excellent because we HAVE to have reliable lengths.
This means that the machine should be ready for Show and Tell next week when the BigWigs come down from Canada to tour the plant.
Hope nothing catches fire between now and then!


Aaron Tunell said...

Woohoo! Hopefully your meeting will go really well. I sure love you smarty pants man :)


Sean said...

Is Jorge american, or do you have to do your programming in "Visual Basico"? j.k. I don't even know if that exists. It might take quite a while to get used to "Microsoft Ventanas". I guess you now get the title of "Team Lead/Manager/Guru" and all of the associated bragging rights!