Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Assistant

Last week I was talking to my supervisor and I mentioned that I probably wouldn't be staying the rest of my life in Guaymas, and that we would probably like to get somebody taking over my projects.
So they hired me an intern who supposedly just graduated from computer science/engineering. I thought it was going to be awesome to have a programmer who i could teach electronics to and who could teach me how to program better.
the kid knew less than me about programming. In fact, he couldn't even answer the most basic programming questions, things that I learned in my introductory programming classes from UA. He didn't know what a case select was, a progress bar, a ternary operation, or even how to parse a string. These are things you learn in programming 101. and he was supposed to be a programmer.
needless to say, that show was cancelled before the first commercial break.
So I spent 3 days training this kid, and all that's flushed down the toilet now.


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Aaron Tunell said...

Glad the new one is working out better. You are doing so great. Love you