Friday, August 1, 2008

New Home Theater Shelf

So my friend Josh is a carpentry genius. He used to have a business doing cabinetry so I talked him into building an entertainment shelf for my home theater. I drew it up in google SketchUp. This is what I wanted:
I wanted to have my electronics next to the projector itself, so I could slide my DVD player and other stuff into the shelves.

He brought it by last night, and Here's how it looks all hooked up.

I also put a light underneath it for Vicki to do her cross-stitching without having to turn the overhead light on. You can also see that I put the subwoofer on top.
So here's the finished product:
It looks friggin awesome. I used wire anchors this time and routed the wires around the moulding so they wouldn't stick out or run across the floor.

This time I didn't actually have that many wires to route across the floor though, because now that the projector is next to the electronics, only the front 3 speakers needed longer wiring.

In fact, Josh made little shelves for the speakers as well. He even made a new shelf for my center speaker.


Aaron Tunell said...

It did turn out so nice. I love it too. Wish you were here!!


Parker said...

It just wonderful furniture for home theater system... Thanks for sharing!! I like your idea!!

Angel Garcia said...

Awesome shelf! I have always been an advocate of keeping home theaters simple because of the obvious rationale that you need to focus on the movie you’re watching or game you’re playing. This shelf achieved that standard with flying colors. I also find it great that it’s behind the sofa, as it lessens the distraction that people might get. I hope you have kept using the shelf!