Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tape Timer

As I mentioned before, we built a special harness assembly board to teach new operators how to apply spiral tape to a harness. We wanted to be able to time them as well so we could see improvement etc.
They wanted a timer that would be activated when the operator picks up the tape, and deactivated when the operator puts it back.
So I used a make controller, and a sparkfun LCD screen to do the job. I built some firmware that would do the timing. I connected a light sensor so that when light was detected in the holder, the timer would start, and then stop when it went dark. See it in action below!


Anonymous said...

Cool, now I want you to make me a robot that will go to work for me so I can lay around playing video games and eating pork products.

Sean said...

hey, you know how universities are worried that kids don't want to be engineers anymore? I think you'd be great at getting kids excited about science and engineering.

Anonymous said...

I want something new to watch!